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International and Interdisciplinary Socare-Conference 2015

The international and interdisciplinary SoCaRe-conference "Reshaping (G)local Caribbean Dynamics: Relaciones y Desconexiones – Relations et Déconnexions – Relations and Disjunctures" , funded by the Volkswagen Foundation and organized by Anja Bandau, Anne Brüske, and Na

UAA 46th Annual Conference in San Diego, California, Special Track on Urban Issues in South & Central America and the Caribbean

The Urban Affairs Association, the international professional organization for urban scholars, researchers, and public service professionals, will be hosting its 46th Annual Conference in San Diego, California, and will have a Special Track on Urban Issues in South & Central America and the Caribbean.

Obituary Seymour Menton (1927-2014)

Please find attached an Obituary of Seymour Menton, Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Latin American Literature at UC Irvine, who passed away in March 2014, written by Kathleen Gyssels.

Coloquio Internacional: “Homenaje a Guillermo Cabrera Infante” – Ehrung Guillermo Cabrera Infantes an der FSU Jena

Aus Anlass seines zehnjährigen Todestages und des 50. Jahrestages seiner Exilierung findet vom 22. bis 24.04.2015 zu Ehren des exilkubanischen Autors Guillermo Cabrera Infante (1929-2005) an der FSU Jena eine internationale Tagung mit dem Titel La escritura ecológica y „meta-final“ de Guillermo Cabrera Infante. Homenaje a su obra ‚casi‘ completa statt (auf Deutsch: Das „meta-finale“ Schreiben Guillermo Cabrera Infantes. Ehrung eines ‚fast vollständigen‘ Gesamtwerks).

Juniorresearch Workshop 22.-24. Januar 2015

"Cultures of Resistance? Theories and Practices of Transgression in the Caribbean and its Diasporas"
Location: January 22-24, 2015 at Bielefeld University/Germany
Organizers:  Junior Research Team of the Society for Caribbean Research (Socare)
Conference Languages: English, French and Spanish

Edouard Glissant: Controversy surrounding the criticism of an icon of Caribbean thought

A debate has emerged between Kathleen Gyssels (University of Antwerp) and Loïc Céry (Institut du Tout-Monde) surrounding the critical reception of Edouard Glissant’s theoretical work. In her article “Un long compagnonnage: Glissant & Schwarz-Bart face à la ‘diaspora’” (Revue des sciences humaines, January/February 2013) Gyssels had put forth the thesis that Glissant’s works at times inadvertently risk falling into the trap of binarism, e.g. when juxtaposing the Caribbean Sea and the Mediterranean.

Mitgliedsbeitrag/ Membership Fee

Liebe Socare-Mitglieder,

hiermit möchten wir Sie/Euch darüber informieren, dass auf der letzten Mitgliederversammlung am 1. November 2013 einstimmig beschlossen wurde, die Mitgliedsbeiträge anzuheben. Seit diesem Jahr gelten daher für alle Mitglieder folgende Beiträge:

regulärer Mitgliedsbeitrag:        30 Euro

Convocatoria 2015: La Diversidad Cultural en el Caribe

Del 18 al 22 de mayo de 2015, la Casa de las Américas celebrará el Coloquio Internacional La Diversidad Cultural en el Caribe

Junior Research Workshops

Socare’s biannual Junior Research Workshops provide an opportunity for doctoral and postdoctoral candidates in Caribbean Studies and related fields to present their projects and to engage in interdisciplinary discussions with and receive feedback from both junior and experienced scholars. Their aim is to further the cooperation and networking of researchers within Caribbean Studies both regionally and internationally.  

Call for papers / Appel à contributions

Locating Guyane: a two-day, interdisciplinary conference at the University of London Institute in Paris, 10-11 July 2014

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